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Approved arsenic levels have been lowered to the point that arsenic is now an issue to be concerned about.  

Arsenic Removal

Aqua Alternatives
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Here is a cost-effective solution to meet the new arsenic standard for drinking water.

The Arsenic Challenge.  When the EPA lowered the drinking water standard for arsenic from 50 ug/l to 10 ug/l, thousands of municipal and private wells did not meet the new standard.  Now there is a system designed to make compliance safe, easy and affordable, using a selective resin developed to remove arsenic (arsenate and arsenite) from water.  It is a unique combination of arsenic selective hydrous iron oxide chemistry with a very durable polymer substrate.  This ideal blend of selcectivity and durability means tha it can reliably and efficiently reduce arsenic to safe consumption levels.

The Perfect Answer.  This system is the perfect answer for today's competitive demanding and legally savvy market.

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