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Arsenic Removal:
Techical Specifications

Aqua Alternatives
Toll-free: (877) 713-7858

System Hardware:
The 52" tall, 22" wide by 16" deep system comes in three parts, takes five minutes to assemble, and includes:

Recommended additional equipment (all of which are included if installed in conjunction with an ozone system): Specifications:

Technical Specifications
(Typcial Values)

Structure Macroporous Polystyrene
Appearance Brown spherical beads
Whole Beads 95% minimum
Functional Group  Hydrous Iron Oxide
Bulk Density (as sold) 790-840 g/l (49-52 lb/cu.ft)
Material Density 1,180 g/l
Static Arsenic Capacity 38 mg As /g of resin
Recommended Contact Time 3 minutes
Operating Temperature Range 1-80 degrees C (33-172 degrees F)
Void Fraction 33%
Particle Size 300-1200 microns
Operating pH Range 5-8.5

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