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Unfortunately, BRAC has gone out of business.

If you still need an alternative grey-water system,
Greyter is now the leading manufacturer, with a much expanded line.
Currently Greyter focuses exclusively on the commercial market, although
in the coming years Greyter plans on expanding to the residential market.



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Gray Water

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The Brac Systems RGW-250

The RGW-250 is our most popular tank.
The RGW-250 is designed for homes with up to 6 people who want to save money on their water bill,
while helping the environment.

Features of the Brac System
- Long-lasting HDPE molded shell.
- 1/2 hp electronic control pressure boosting pump.
- 110v/220v switchable.
- Electronic control water "make-up" system.
- Programmable electronic chlorination system.
- Extra filter included.
- Greywater pipe marking tape included.

Retail Price
Retail price FOB Montreal is $2,925 + freight (see "Shipping Info" below).
For obsolete models the prices are lower --as little as $1900 plus shipping -- but replacement parts are not necessarily available and the updated features are absent.
Call (206) 324-5055 to discuss contractor rates, installation details or for general advice.

Technical Specifications
60" height (152 cm)
22.5" width (57 cm)
95 lbs (43 kg)
Tank capacity
250 liters
66 US gallons

Shipping Information
Canada & United States
7 to 14 days
Shipping prices vary depending on destination and quantities ordered: approximately $150-$650.
West coast ship-direct varies between $535 and $625 depending on location.

International Delivery
Estimated time upon order approximately four weeks.

Our Brac Systems are guaranteed for 2 years world wide.