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Are you prepared for an emergency?
Are you prepared for emergencies?
For total preparedness, think self-sufficiency.
Examine each category of your life.  How would you do things yourself?
Examine these categories:
emergency filters with hand-pumps; portable emergency units: power, water, communications
food supplywater supplywater purityhot water; garbage and waste; toilets; transportation; shelter;
heat; air; communications; education; entertainment; power and electricityyour business or jobclothing; radiation
    Think about it.  No matter what happens, you will be prepared for anything.  For example, if you have a rainwater cistern, a good potable drinking water filter, and a composting toilet, you don't need an outside water source.  If you have a solar hot water heater, you can take a shower, do your dishes and laundry, and enjoy a long bath with solar-heated rainwater!  Many people travel by bicycle and bus, and more and more own electric cars that can be solar-charged.  Garbage can be separated into categories as it is produced, and virtually everything can be recycled.  For food, there are a surprising amount of ways to grow your own in window boxes, up walls, on kitchen counters, with "Square-Foot-Gardening" techniques, and more. Consider, too, that there is always the option to trade what you grow for what someone else raises.
    Since we're all in this together, there are other people who have what you need and vice versa.  Adversity brings creativity and opportunity, and no matter what the situation there will always be ways to make money.  Even if a fire or an earthquake takes away the things you already have, clothing is not a crucial issue because there are so many sources for clothes.  Education can continue the old way with books instead of computers, and the mail can function as it did before there were scanners.  Set yourself up now with the immediate basics, such as food, water, heat, and toilets, and the rest will adapt with time. If you want to discuss any issues, feel free to contact me:


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