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Air Driers
Auto Regeneration
Special Filter Media
Self-Cleaning Gas Vents
Pre-wired Flow Switches
Ozone Pump or Venturi Injection
4-year warranty on new Stainless Steel Generators
Accepted by CSA/NRLTC, EPA, 10 State Standards & Wisconsin

For the removal of
Well Water
Swimming Pools & Spas
Bottled Water, Cooling Towers, Livestock

Whole house water treatment systems for all of the water sources in your home for consumption, showering, laundry, dishwashing, etc. Your water will be treated eliminating: stains, scale, odors and bad taste. No more stained fixtures, tiles, clothing; and no exhaustive maintenance. Best of all…
no hazardous chemicals.

Equipment choices: venturi or pump? backwash or replaceable cartridges? at the pressure tank or at the house?
Installation: you? plumber & electrician? Dean?  Average time approx. 16-20 hours.
Extras: additional equipment will be required to treat tannin, turbidity, hardness, salt, nitrates.

Call Dean for more details:
Toll-free: (877) 713-7858

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