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Drain Strainers




Trap'n  Toss
Trap'n Toss is the only disposable hair trap strainer on the market.

This 5" diameter strainer is simply placed over a drain opening or around the top of an open pop-up stopper,
and fits shower drains with or without pop-up stoppers without scratching or damaging the enamel.
One or more strainers may be used together, depending on the amount of debris to be collected.
These fiberglass screens can be cleaned and re-used, and can easily be replaced as necessary.
Using these strainers eliminates the use of harsh chemicals to keep drain pipes clear.
The trap filters out hair and lint and stops a drain-clogging problem before it occurs.
You can request plain strainers, or with center holes to fit over pop-up drains.
Made of durable, flexible, safe, disposable material.
EPA tested.  Patented & trademarked.
Made in U.S.A.

Order a pack today
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$7.50 for a 6-pack

Trap'n Toss

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