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Gray Water

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BRAC Grey-Water Recycling System


Unfortunately, BRAC has gone out of business.

If you still need an alternative grey-water system,
Greyter is now the leading manufacturer, with a much expanded line.
Currently Greyter focuses exclusively on the commercial market, although
in the coming years Greyter plans on expanding to the residential market.


In case you still would like to know what the BRAC system was, read the following.

Brac systems can help you save 35% to 40% on your annual water bill, and while saving money, you will also help save the environment and provide a better future for our children and their children to come. With this amount of savings, your Brac Grey Water Recycling System pays itself.

"UNESCO has predicted that by 2020 water shortage will be a serious worldwide problem."

The Brac Grey Water Recycling System is a must for anyone who cares about the environment.

Brac Systems holds an international patent.

Brac Systems Annual Costs

(877) 713-7858
  • The maintenance expenses for our systems are only 22 to 25 $CDN PER YEAR. The Hydro expenses for the jet pump are 11 to 13 $CDN. The cost for the chlorine (for disinfection) is 6 to 7$CDN per year. 3 to 5 $CDN for the vinegar or bleach which is needed to rinse out the holding tank once a year. If there is any residue.
  • Labour, material and installation costs in new construction ( approx. 2500 feet living space ) are approximately 1000 $CDN, excluding the Brac System.
  • The filter in our system is good for at least 5 years, if handled with care. There is also one spare filter included in the purchase price of all of our grey water recycling systems. A replacement filter is available to you at a cost of 9.99 $CDN (subject to change) if needed. The filter should be washed or rinsed out once a month. This only takes 3 minutes of your time.
  • We also include 200 feet of warning tape which must be used for marking the grey water pipes in the household (wrapped around the grey water pipe). The plumber will do this during the installation.
  • The warranty for all of our products is 2 years. The jet pump (the heart of our product) has a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer which can be extended for 3 years by the manufacturer at a cost of $15.-CDN( five years in total ). The application form is included in our owner’s manual as part of the warranty attachment.
  • Here are some links where you can find answers to some questions you might have:
250 66 3-4 people/day

Call for quote:


1 week
350 93 5-6 people/day 206.324.50552-3 weeks

Shipping costs are around $450-$500 per unit, depending on your location.

Brac Tanks

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