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Business Opportunities

Find a home business that suits your style and needs.  

These business opportunities will enable you to make money from home or wherever you are.  The more you want to make and the faster you want to make money are up to you. Any business requires an investment of time and money, and each has a learning curve.  However, the profits from a home business can far exceed any income made from a job -- where you get paid only about a fifth of what you are worth, if that. An added bonus is that with all of these businesses listed below you have unlimited access to free personal coaching and training, you can set your own hours, and you can work from home in your pajamas.  

If You Do Not Believe You Can Have It All,

Then You Get To Choose
How Much Less Than All You Will Have

    Dean Petrich long ago decided that being self-employed would be more profitable and satisfying than devoting a lifetime to working for someone else. To be self-employed, Dean realized that there are certain guidelines to making self-employment efficient, fun, and profitable.

  • It is important to have multiple streams of income that are opposites seasonally in order to guarantee a constant income.
  • It is also important to provide both products and services
  • Include both luxury and necessity items, so that no matter what the economy does there is always a demand.
  • Keep overhead, paperwork and travel to a minimum.
  • The ideal business would be depression-proof, inflation-proof, and recession-proof.
  • Consider businesses that could continue even with the loss of eyesight, hands, legs, hearing, or a voice.
  • Dean has all these elements in place in his life, and can help you do the same.

Call for free consultation:
Toll-free: 877.713.7858
(206) 324-5055


Learn how to make instant money.


The “No Excuse” Way to Make Money:
Five Progressive Income Sources

Dean Petrich, (206) 324-5055

What is your main concern: money, time, safety, security, convenience, consistency, longevity, quality, function, performance, ethics, or the environment? There is now no reason or excuse why you shouldn’t be making several thousand dollars a month, while satisfying all your concerns at the same time.  All you have to do is to start.  Once you start, be consistent, diligent and focused.  As long as you keep going and don’t quit, the sky is the limit.  Here are six completely separate ways to earn as much money as you could possibly want.  Choose one or do them all.

Looking for a JOB?
If you have zero dollars to start with, here is a simple job you can do. Even if you have no job, no money, no computer and no cell phone, you can still go to the library or use a friend’s device.  Join THW Global and earn $25/hour in shopping points by watching videos.  You may watch up to ten hours a week, which comes to a maximum of $1000/month.  Register at

Looking for an easy SYSTEM?
If you have $1.00, then this is for you. This is a private invitation for you to enroll now for your $1.00 automated income system. You don’t even need the $1 right now!  Refer two people for $1.00 and you earn 25 cents per referral, which can multiply.  See your commissions in real time, and enjoy savings and numerous benefits.  Automatically move through the four phases.  Receive amazing benefits, pay off your bills and your mortgage, and earn a free 5-star luxury vacation.  Receive profit-sharing with the company.  To enroll, fill out the form at Text my1biz to (706) 256-8535 to join our text updates. Find two people or more who can afford $1.

Looking for a solid BUSINESS?
If you would like to save money on things you are already buying and get paid to shop, it is well worth joining the largest online wellness shopping club in North America, at only $19/year.  Refer customers to these low-ticket items and all your necessities are paid for, with more than 500 products to choose from. Every single product is safe, fresh, high-quality, performs better than the competing brands, and costs less.  Build a business and earn $5000/month, $10,000/month, or more, plus trips, a car, and many additional benefits. This income is stable, residual, and long-term. This is the most lucrative and solid investment you can make. Be consistent and you will receive an on-going, dependable, and ever-increasing income that can replace your current income in a matter of months.  For more detailed information, call Dean at (206) 324-5055.

Looking for an exploding INVESTMENT?
If you would like a passive investment so you can watch your money grow, then consider One Coin.  While all investments can be volatile, currently this company is growing exponentially and profits are splitting and doubling every couple months.  One Coin offers a passive form of investment in a new market that is currently exploding; invest some of your Melaleuca income to get started.  This is something you can do by putting money in and letting it grow on its own.  Sign up here:  

How would you like to pay off all your debts soon?
Are you ready for a comfortable early retirement?

Are you looking for lots of money quickly and regularly?

If you would like a simple marketing system with high ticket items for maximum profit, invest in electronic education focused on the baby boom market. Enjoy unlimited free leads in an expanding, growing market, offering unique products that maximize up-front profit. The timing is right, the program is automated, and continuous support is available both online and live.  Experience immediate success with Turbo Wealth Solution. Who knows? You may even decide to take a few vacations! Find out how to earn $10,000 in 14 days: dial 844-610-6790 to hear a 25-minute business overview.

Learn how to become and to remain

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Never pay for leads again.
This is the most powerful tool any business could use:

Net Extractor

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Multi-Pure Water Systems

Here is a business you can start for as little as $15-$25, and make enough to retire on.

The water filter industry is enormous.  Soon everyone will own a water filter of some sort; the question is, will they get their filter from you or from someone else?


If you are truly ready to achieve your financial goals and dreams;
if you are truly ready to live a live that allows you to buy what you want when you want it;
to live in the house you want, not the one you can afford;
to drive the car you really want and pay for it in cash;
never to worry about money again;
then you need to pay very close attention to every word on this web site:


This is unique.  See for yourself.
You need to be prepared to spend at least an hour or so here
as we share with you the intimate secrets of an amazingly simple "7-Step Information Process"
that will educate you on how you can begin receiving thousands of dollars daily delivered right to your front door.


Start Your Home Busines
Join hundreds of thousands of people just like you who are
      saying YES to the freedom of working from home!

We guarantee your success. Our program is SO successful that we’ll refund 100% of your $75 to $350 investment if you are not earning a profit by your second month.

  • There’ll be no questions asked, just a 100% return of your investment. You couldn't get a better guarantee if  you deposited the money in a savings account at your local bank!
  • Learn how to get your share of this exciting market! Don't think for one moment that you can't do it--we prove it can be done EVERY SINGLE DAY and we back up our confidence with our incredible money back guarantee. Skeptical?
A Huge Market is Waiting. . .
    This highly successful US-based company has a rock solid 16-year track record and a proud member of the US Chamber of Commerce as well as the Better  Business Bureau.

    We'll show you how you can take advantage of this phenomenon, even if you have very little money to invest in a new
business! Many successful businesses are run by folks just like you. And, a lot of  these same folks are quietly banking big
profits month after month with residual income. Best of all,  you can run your business right from your own home using just
your computer and a telephone!
    The company does all the fulfillment for you so there is NO INVENTORY! You control the growth  of your
business. Keep it small or turn your profits into a full-time career. Yes, you can do it! We have  made this easier than you
would have ever thought possible!

You Risk Nothing!
Don't think for one moment that you can't do this -- we prove it can be done EVERY SINGLE DAY and  we back up
our confidence with an incredible 100% money back guarantee.
What You Will Receive. . .
  • FREE! Catalogs mailed to EACH of Your Customers Every Month
  • FREE! State of the Art, Online, Catalog Order Web Site
  • FREE! Fulfillment of Your Customers' Orders
  • FREE! Full Featured Web Site To Build YOUR Business
  • FREE! We Teach You our PROVEN, Successful Marketing Program
  • FREE! Online Tracking and Reporting of Your Monthly Sales
  • And much, much more...
If you are serious about making a home business work for you then
you owe it to yourself to investigate this fantastic business opportunity today!
NOTE: This opportunity is currently only available in the
USA, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong.
For information from a live human,
call Dean Petrich: (206) 324-5055
or send an email to


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