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26 Questions to ask before selecting supplements
Selecting the Right Supplements
Twenty-Six Key Questions

by Dean Petrich
(877) 713-7858

Having answered the initial question "why take supplements?" the next question is "which supplements to take?"  It is often difficult to know which supplements are worth considering since there are so many different kinds available.  Each company claims to have the best combination of ingredients, the latest technology, and to be able to produce the most effective results.  How is a person to decide who is right, which is best, and what would be most appropriate for each individual case?  Below is a list of questions to ask when evaluating any supplement.

1. How good are the various brands?
2. How fresh are they?
3. Are the ingredients sufficient?
4. Are the ingredients natural or synthetic?
5. Are they standardized: are the proportions consistent?
6. Is the selected combination of ingredients correctly balanced?
7. What is the cohesive base used to hold the ingredients together?
8. Are the tablets hot pressed or cold pressed?
9. What is the disintegration rate: how quickly do they break down?
10. How do they dissolve?  Are they time-released?
11. How are the minerals bonded or chelated?
12. Which are better: liquids, powders, gels, capsules or tablets?
13. What is the absorption rate?
14. How carefully were they tested? What kind of research was done?
15. Are they patented?
16. Are they easy to swallow?
17. How do they taste and smell?
18. How much do they cost?  Are they worth the price?
19. Are they convenient to purchase?
20. Are they guaranteed?  Can I get my money back?
21. How are they packaged?
22. What is the proper dosage?
23. Are there any supplements that aid digestion?
24. Do they reduce or produce free radicals?
25. Are they customized for men, women, and children, as well as for over 50?
26. What do other people say?  Are there many personal stories and testimonies?


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To find out more specific details and information, to learn which supplements rank highest in all these aspects, or simply to discuss supplements on a personal level,
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