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Aqua Alternatives ( Environmental alternatives for self-sufficiency 
Petrich's Piano Shop ((
Deano the Clown ( Seattle's favorite clown
Whidbey Water Filter Systems (
Multi-Pure (

Educational Groups

Earth Policy Institute (
Lakeside School  (
Willamette University (
Piano Technicians Guild (
Omicron Delta Kappa (
United States Parachute Association (
Professional Ski Instructors Association (
How to Grow a Green Small Business (
Love and Logic ( Excellent parenting advice, classes, publications
Core Knowledge (
Adbusters/The Media Foundation (
The White House (
How Stuff Works (
The Puget Sound Network for Compassionate Communication (
How to Kill Violence (
Cobworks ( Alternative building materials
Green Roofs (
Sustainable Design Online

Green Lifestyle

Getting Started with Green Living Getting Started with Green Living
Shopping Green for Your Pet Shopping Green for Your Pet
Guide to Green Parenting Guide to Green Parenting
Finding and Organizing Green Storage Finding and Organizing Green Storage
Guide to Green Modifications for the Home Guide to Green Modifications for the Home

Global Concerns

National Wildlife Federation (
World Wildlife Fund (
Northwest Ecosystem Alliance (
Care2 Wildlife Preservation (
American Wilderness (
EDF Online Library of Endangered Species (
EDF's electronic library helps landowners take care of  irreplaceable endangered species who often make their homes on private land
BioGems: ( Saving Endangered Wild Places: A project of the Natural Resources Defense Council
Animal Rescue ( Click here for free to feed a rescued animal.
Leave It Wild (

Northern Light Research and Development( Biomass conversion
Wind Builders:  Help build new wind farms.
Alliance to Save Energy (
Whidbey Sun & Wind  (
Hydrogen Power
Ocean Wave Energy Ocean Wave Energy
Energy & Food Everything Energy, from Activation Energy to Zero Point Energy
Alternative Energy:
World Alliance for Decentralized En
Alternative Energy Sources:
Solar Power Authority:
Solar Action Alliance Educate & provide opportunities to get involved with solar

Community & Unique Organizations
Arcosanti  ( Archetypal futuristic city in Arizona
Twin Oaks ( Communal living embodied
Federation of Egalitarian Communities (
Camp Nor'wester camp in the San Juan Islands
Co-Housing  ( Intentional community organization
Earthship  ( Off-the-grid housing community outside of taos, New Mexico
Communities by Choice (
Intentional Communities (
Barefoot College
How To Build Global Community Global community
Freedom Towns  Eco-friendly practices & self-sufficient living for a sustainable environment.
All About Fair Trade:
Freen Furniture:

Co-Op America ( businesses
Environmental Defense Fund ( & ( an activist email
Western Environmental Law Center (
Global Environmental News: (
Northwest Ecosystem Alliance (
Washington Environmental Council ( (
League of Conservation Voters (
Natural Resources Defense Council ( and
Earth on Edge ( and (
Sierra Club ( an activist email
The Mountaineers (
Critical Decision
Leave It Wild
Environmental Links Resource links for sustainable materials & production
Save Our Environment, cheaper, renewable energy
Global Warming Newsletter
World Changing Ideas
Stop Global Warming
Zero Carbon
Environmental Lawyers
Global Warming

Tilth (
The Hunger Site ( A click here will provide free food to people in need.
Nutrition Research (
Herb Kits
Wheatgrass Kits
Detox Program
Community Supported Agriculture
Organic Consumers http://www.organicconsumers.orgFood safety, organics, and related topics
Weight Control
Composting & Organic Gardening

LightHawk (
Conserve a Tree (
Give-a-Tree (
Save-the-Redwoods League (
Rainforest Information ( Great information & resources.
The Rainforest Site
Rainforest Alliance (
Rainforest Action Network ( (
Our Forests (
Renewable Northwest Project (
Wild Forests (
Wilderness Preservation (
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (
Forest News (
Wood Wise ( Magazine paper conservation
Remineralize the Earth
Trees for the Future

Global Warming
Stop Global Warming
Carbon Fund
Climate Choices
Global Cool

Mineral Policy Center (
The Nature Conservancy(
The Trust for Public Land (
Earthlaw (
National Park Trust (

Political Impact 
Working for Change ( Send an activist email
Action Network (
Don't Blow It (
Fair Vote (
Worldwatch Institute (
WashPIRG (
Greenpeace (
Union of Concerned Scientists ( (
Shop Non-Profit (
Council for Economic Priorities (
People for the American Way ( Send an activist email.
The Green Life The Green Life can be your way to navigate the onslaught of eco-friendly rhetoric out there, show you legitimate ways that your choices can make a difference, and expose companies that exaggerate or flagrantly lie about their environmental commitment.
The Cost of War

Population Communications International
Zero Population Growth  has now become
Population Connection
Negative Population Growth“Population growth is the primary source of environmental damage.”  – Jacques Cousteau
Redefining Progress (a well established organization in the area of population footprints).
National Wildlife Federation
Wackernagel calculates that the average American footprint is 24 acres
The American Footprint
According to The Ecological Footprint of Nations (Wackernagel et. al. 1997), the footprint of the average American is at least three times as large as
the world average. Americans use the equivalent of 25 acres of land per person to support our current lifestyles.
Montana Kaimin
"The average American's footprint is 10 hectares (27.5 acres). To support everyone at that consumption level would require 10 Earths," Watson said.
Footprint Calculation Sheet The average American footprint is about 25 acres.

Recycling 101 -
Recycling Newsletter
Newsletter of the Technical Assistance Program  (
Litter Prevention Campaign (
Recycling Newsletter: subscribe for free -
Recycling Council of BC's 27th Annual Waste Reduction Conference and AGM:
Earth 911 ( Local environmental resources.
Community Learning Network ( Database of lesson plans and curricular materials, K-12
Eco-Artware ( Gallery of innovative recycled material gift items by independent artists
Additional Recycling Links Go to the RECYCLING page on this site.
Green Advisor for Living Green: Green Adviser offers the best resources available on
the web to help you help the environment. Find tips on buying environmentally friendly products, cooking green healthy meals, recycling and reducing waste. Learn how small changes in your everyday life can benefit the Earth.
Waste Calculator (
The World's Shortest Comprehensive Recycling Guide
Washington Environmental Services Directory http://www.esdwa.comEvents of interest to Washington's environmental industry.
Freecycle  This is a great "recycling" site for household things, or nearly anything, called Freecycle.  This is a Yahoo group of several local groups giving away needed things in a relatively close proximity.
Curbside Recycling you need to know about curbside recycling.
Zero Waste
Zero Waste & Emissions
Resource Recycling, Inc. http://www.resource-recycling.comand
EPA Pollution Prevention

Washington Toxics Coalition (
National Toxics Network (
Non-Toxic Directory (
Toxics in Schools (
Safe household products ( To try these products, contact
Get Clean -- Go Green

Travel Alternatives travel.html
Rails to Trails (
Bicycle Alliance of Washington (
Green Cars (
Grand Old Petroleum (
Personal Rapid Transit Systems represent a revolution in urban transit. Take a look at the following systems:
Personal Rapid Transit and
Sky Tran
CVS Biodiesel Technology
Hybrid Cars
Cascade Bicycle Club
Future Cars
Fuel Savings
Environmentally Friendly Cars:

Give Water ( Your click will help donate water to Africa & Asia
2020 Engineering (
People for Puget Sound (
Natural Water Activation Technology (
American Water Works Association (
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance ( Water patrol: stop pollution to save species
Dams Around the World (
Fish Selector ( Buy sustainable fishing
Water Storage
Oasis Water Storage on Water Storage: Tanks, Cisterns, Aquifers and Ponds
Basics of Filtration information on the principles of filtration
RainCycle is a state-of-the-art rainwater harvesting hydraulic and whole-life-costing assessment tool.
Well Management
Electric-Powered Wastewater Evaporators
Food and Water Watch:
Water Conservation:

Toilet Site Links
Please return to this site to order at discount prices

Phoenix (
Sun-Mar (
CTS Composting Toilet Systems (
ClivusMultrum (
Infiltrator (
Danfo AB (
Restop:  ( emergency human waste disposal
Toiletology 101:  ( everything about toilet repair
Waterless Urinals (
Master Plumbers (
Travel John:  ( disposable urinal bags which solidify urine
Miracle Seat http://www.miracleseat.comIt’s a vacuum toilet seat that COMPLETELY removes all odors BEFORE they escape from the toilet bowl.
Composting Toilets
Controllable Flush upgrade your existing standard toilet to a Dual Mode Controllable Flush handle that can save you up to 67% of the water and money you are currently flushing down the toilet.
The Flush Toilet  Thomas Crapper didn't invent the flush toilet.  He had several patents in plumbing, but none toilet related.
Here is a link to an "about" article:
And another one that claims a Sir John Harrington did it:

AIRR (SPEC Industries)
Oasis Graywater Systems
GFX  Greywater heat recovery system
Form Cell  Space-saving drainfield alternative
Septic Tanks All about septic tanks.
Grey Water
All About Waste Water
CalTech's Design for Bill Gates' contest:
Living Machine Waste Treatment:
Wastewater Treatment: Industrial Water Treatment, Aerobic , Water Treatment Chemicals (A high technology company that focuses on watertreatment, aquaculture, and wastewater treatment.)

Computers and Money

Barter: here is a valuable collection of links for barter
(Click on "Business Presentation")
1 Dollar Business:
One Coin:
Turbo Wealth:

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