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A place you must experience yourself:


     Arcosanti is a prototype arcology designed by Paolo Soleri.  It represents a viable and positive solution to population growth, environmentally appropriate living, frugality, miniaturization, efficiency, urban evolution, pollution, conservation, transportation, net energy utilization, social interchange, privacy, food production, preservation of natural habitats, aesthetics, affordable housing, global warming, ultimate recycling, education and world awareness.  It is more than just a space or a physical facility;  it is the core of many minds meeting and mending the direction of the world.  The scope and undertaking of Arcosanti is so encompassing that even a visit of several months there barely brushes the edge of the years and numbers of thoughts that have come together to bring it about.  Help speed the progress by becoming involved.  Click on this title to check out their website.

If you would like a live presentation on the Arcosanti project
or on the global arcological concept,
contact Dean Petrich at

(206) 324-5055


Read an article on Dean at Arcosanti

Watch this YouTube video on Arcosanti:


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