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Move a Piano Yourself

How to move a piano by yourself with the wrong equipment:

So You Want To Move It Yourself, Huh?

     Well, well.  So you want to move a piano yourself, huh?  And your helpers have no idea what to do, right?  Plus you don't want to scratch your floor, rip the carpet, ding the walls, break off the pedals, or drop the piano, right?  Not to mention smashing your fingers in the doorway or setting the piano down on your bare feet.  When it comes to stairs and tight corners, now what?  Add to all this that it's 11:00 pm, raining and slippery and none of your helpers showed up.  Only the children and pets came to watch and the're right in front of wherever you want to go.  The worst problem is, how on earth to get the thing in and out of your truck.  Maybe it's time to hire professional piano movers, O.K.?  Forget it!  They cost too much, and besides, you're sure you could do this yourself.  In fact, with enough people, you could just pick the thing up and carry it.  Why not?  Or maybe you should read this e-book and learn some short-cuts and techniques.  Good idea.  Let's see now, you only want to read the parts that apply to you?  Go to those sections and find the answers.  However, it might not be a bad idea to read it from cover to cover in case something else comes up.  The more you know, the better prepared you'll be. 

Sounds pretty good, huh?  Great!
To order a copy, go to:
How to Move a Piano by Yourself with the Wrong Equipment

Meanwhile, if you have a pending move and need immediate assistance,
call me for advice and I'll talk you through your move.

It would greatly help if you supply me with the following information:

What types of floor surfaces will the piano be resting on and moving over?

How many steps and stairs do you need to contend with?

Are there any tight corners, turns, or odd angles?

What type of equipment do you have access to?

What kind of piano are you moving?

What type of truck are you using?

How many people will help?

How soon is this?

Any hills?

Take a look at Dean with a piano on his truck.
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