Envirocycle Composter

The Envirocycle Composter/Composteamaker produces quality compost more quickly and easily than conventional composters by its rolling mixing action which keeps the ingredients well mixed and aerated.

The Envirocycle Composter/Composteamaker makes compost, tea, and organic liquid plant food that is so much appreciated by the gardeners.  This liquid can be collected in the unique composteamaker base.

No messy digging to turn the compost pile.  Simply give the drum a few turns and your compost remains well mixed.

This system ideally suits today's urban lifestyle, and it fits perfectly on a balcony, in a garage or in the garden.


(H) 31.5"  x (W) 26"  x  (D) 20.5"
23 pounds
5 bushels
$140.00       (Call or email me and I will match or beat any price.)
(Shipping ranges from $33.00 to $54.00)

Throw away your pitchfork and Produce Compost Faster

This excellent compost bin makes it easier and faster to generate nutrient rich compost. Say Goodbye to those messy hours spent in the compost pile, simply give the drum a few turns and your compost remains well mixed.

Even better, the base of the composter collects liquid, producing up to five gallons of compost tea with no additional effort! Compost tea is full of nutrients, and is a great way to fertilize vegetables, flowers and even houseplants.

Easy Compost Removal removal -- simply roll the tumbler to the area where you want the compost, open the door, and remove the compost from the bin.

To remove compost tea, pick up the base and open the drain to pour your compost tea into a bucket, or directly onto your garden or houseplants.

Dimensions: 26" x 20.5" x 31.5"
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