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Run your car on water.

Cliff Curve

Just released by Better World Technologies!

All research studies and scientific data from Universities and Engineers show these car conversions, not only increase the
mileage you can obtain for one gallon of fuel (any petroleum product), but these converted engines run cooler, last longer and run cleaner than ever before and with no more carbon build up.  What comes out of the tail pipe is Oxygen, not pollutants.

How much gas mileage could you expect from your car with this conversion?

These converted cars run on 80% water, which is put in your current gas tank and the petroleum of your choice, which is put in your new auxiliary tank, which holds 20% the volume of the main tank. You put the petroleum product of your choice, according to how many miles per gallon of fuel you want to realize with your car or truck.  You may use gasoline, with which you would get approximately 150mpg if your car currently gets 15 mpg. Or, you may use diesel in the auxiliary tank and get about 225 mpg for the same car.  Or you can use crude oil and get about 750 mpg for that very same car!

The choice is yours.  The cost for these incredible plans is only $200 and BWT also sells the parts needed for your
conversion, should you decide to buy them from them.  If, you would prefer to have the work and parts under full warranty,
we will direct you to one of our trained and certified technicians. Of course you would have to pay the labor cost for that
technician¹s work, as each certified technician has to get special training from BWT and purchase the parts from BWT in
order for their work and the parts to be under full warranty.*

If you¹d like your car or truck to use very little fuel and lots of water instead, let us know and we¹ll get you additional details and order form.  ³The Registration for a Car Engine Modification² (RCM), gives you full authority to modify one car or truck engine for yourself, using the blueprints and the instructions to modify your automobile to run on water.

We, at Mt. Whittmore Enterprises, are offering to pay for one ³Registration for a Free Electricity Generator² for a residence of your choice, (If you are in a home you do not own, you must secure the permission of the owner for a generator to be placed there), as a FREE GIFT to you when you purchase either a ³Registration for a Car Engine Modification² or a ³Registration for a Furnace Modification² (RFM).  This converts your oil or gas-heating furnace to run on 80% water.  And you may choose to do it yourself, without warranty or have one of our certified technicians do it and have a full warranty on all parts and labor.*

Installations of the FREE ELECTRICITY GENERATORS will begin as soon as we reach 1.6 million people in support of the project, as we¹ve said in previous e-mails.  We are at about 1.1 million registrations sold at this time.  The project is moving forward and we want to begin installations ASAP.  Some of you were wondering about the purchase of a generator outright and that, too is NOW available, but it is not a Sundance Generator, as those are being made so the excess can be sold back through the grid system.  These generators available for purchase are Portable 5,000 watt Generators that have already been converted to run on water and gas!  The retail cost of one of these Portable generators is $1,599.  However, if you have a Contractor¹s Agreement filed with Sonship Industries for the selling of (PAKs) and other products you may order any of these things from us at a 20% discount.  We can not give a discount on the labor, as you will pay our certified technician directly for the labor.

*We will provide specifics of the warranty if you show a real seriousness in the product.

                                                                       Sincerely, Mike and Londa Furman, Mt. Whittmore Enterprises


Convert Your Car to Run on Water

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