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Do you need extra money immediately?

Instant Money

Read "Rock Bottom and Flat Broke."


Instant Money
Dean Petrich

Are you out of money and desperate?  Are you out of a job or doing a job that just isn’t paying enough to cover the basics?  Are you panicking that you can’t make your car payment, cover your rent or mortgage for the month, or pay any of your bills at all?  In other words, are you more than a little worried about having no money? 
Then it’s time for you to think about some options that you can act upon immediately.  You must rearrange yourself.  Keep in mind that these options may not be your destiny for the rest of your life; they are merely tools or stepping stones for you to get out of the rut you are in and onto the path towards sanity and financial independence.   While it may seem that you are starting over, in actuality you are simply taking a detour.  Following are some tips that will enable you to become rich and happy.

The first thing for you to do is to stay healthy.  If you lose your health you lose everything.  It is imperative that every day you make sure that you



Now that your mind and body are in a better state, it is time to think out of the box.  You already know what you have been doing in your life up to this point, and it is obvious that whatever you are doing now isn’t working.  Your entire life is the way it is from the choices you have made.  Studies have shown that people do not really like making decisions because it takes effort, so they will spend as little time as possible in decision-making mode.

Brainstorming does not require decision-making.  Rather, it is creative, fun, and expressive – more like play than work.  Children work very hard all the time because for them whatever they are doing is play. “Make it fun and the work gets done.”  Projects and obstacles can seem daunting unless they are posed as challenges or puzzles; suddenly the project takes on a fun aspect that can even become addicting – people will do nothing else until the goal is achieved and they win.  A perfect example is the concentration it takes to conquer all the difficult tasks in a video game.  Life is the same. 

So start brainstorming.  Often it helps to have a brainstorming party and invite some friends over to help you to think.  Start writing.  Write down any and every idea that comes to you.  Don’t judge, reject or eliminate any idea.  In fact, often the crazier and wilder the idea is, the better.  The words you write don’t have to be in a list – they can be all over the page.

Once your brains have exhausted their ideas, take a break for a day and let your mind mull over what just happened.  Let it daydream and ponder these ideas for a week or so, adding new thoughts onto the paper as they come.  Re-work the combinations and move things around.  Let your gut sift through what feels the best. 



This theory is all good, but it is rather vague and open-ended.  Take a specific example.  Let’s say that normally you are accustomed to a desk job, but your company just closed and you have no income.  You have lost of bills due now and you have no way of making any money – or so it seems.  Now with your brainstorm list you have some things that you really could do, but that you probably would rather not do because they are not as fun or challenging, they don’t pay as much, or you are not very good at them.  Well, guess what?  Right now you have to bite the bullet and jump into some cold water. 

Think what people need.  What needs to be done that people do not want to do themselves?  At this point you must be willing to clean toilets, humbling though that may seem.  Let’s say that on your list of things that you “could” do are window washing, yard work, mowing lawns, cleaning gutters, house cleaning, babysitting, walking other people’s dogs, running errands for people, calling people up to remind them about important dates, helping hoarders to get organized, working for a temp agency, sewing, making crafts and selling them at a flea market, having a garage sale, making signs, doing data entry, starting an internet business, or whatever. 
To be more specific, let’s say that you decide to wash windows.  There are certain things you need to do in order to get started.  Once you start, you will be able to earn instant money, and each job will lead to more jobs.  These steps apply to any venture.



You don’t have a business if you have no customers.  People must know that you exist.  When people know that you can help them, they will want you.  Get the word out.



Even though you are starting this venture to make instant cash – you do a job and you get paid on the spot – ultimately as you improve word will spread and your business will expand.  Think ahead as time goes on which directions you want to go.


In conclusion, here are the steps you need to take to make instant money: